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Real-Time Multiple Object Tracking for Safe Cooking Activities


This work presents a real-time system for tracking multiple object in the context of meal preparation when using the Cognitive Orthosis for CoOKing (COOK). This system is called SafeCOOK. It aims to provide more capabilities to detect some dangerous situations that the current system does not consider. For example, it can locate a utensil or other kitchen object that has been left on the cooking surface of the stove while a meal is being prepared. This system uses a hybrid method based on YOLO and KCF to detect, track and drop cooking utensils as they enter and leave the cooking area, and is capable of monitoring an entire cooktop in real-time with a single camera. The software has been implemented on an embedded platform in the smart stove and has been added to it. The system produces good segmentation and tracking results at a frame rate of 1 to 4 frames per second, as demonstrated in extensive experiments using video sequences under different conditions.


Ngankam, H., Dion, P., Pigot, H., & Giroux, S. (2023, July). Real-Time Multiple Object Tracking for Safe Cooking Activities. In International Conference on Smart Homes and Health Telematics (pp. 192-204).

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